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What is Accreditation and Who Can Confer it?

Accreditation is official recognition that a school maintains acceptable educational standards. It is important that you select an appropriately accredited college. The most valuable accreditation is from one of the six Regional Accrediting Agencies. Many graduate schools and employers (including all levels of government) will only accept graduates with degrees from a college accredited by one of the six Regional Accrediting Agencies. All state supported schools systems are accredited by one of these six boards. Many regard schools accredited by other agencies as "diploma mills".

Our website, www.colleges-without-classes.com, only includes colleges if they are accredited by one of the six Regional Accrediting Agencies. Therefore, you can select a college from our website with confidence.

    The six Regional Accrediting Agencies are:

There are no accredited schools which offer distance learning law degrees. However, non-accredited law programs are included in this website because their graduates are eligible to sit for the bar exam.

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