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J. Courses Offered by Video and Television

Television has become a viable tool for the distance learning student. College level video courses are offered by the Mind Extension University (MEU) over local cable television networks. The courses are produced by a consortium of accredited colleges and universities. A video tape rental service is provided where MEU broadcasts are not available.

For information, contact:

The Mind Extension University (MEU)
9697 East Mineral Ave.
Englewood, CO 80112

Another source of video assisted learning is the Degree Club which has developed numerous video courses that prepare students to take an end-of-course examination. Credit is not awarded for completion of the video course, rather it is awarded after successfully passing the end-of-course examination.

For information, contact:

Degree Club

Many communities have public broadcasting channels which transmit college credit courses. See your local college catalog or bulletin for course listings.

Alternate Sources of Credit

A. Assessing Credit for Equivalent Learning Experience
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C. Credit for Professional Certifications and Licenses
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E. Correspondence Courses
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J. Courses Offered by Video and Television
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