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F. Course Credit by Examination

Course credit by examination is an efficient way of earning credit for the student who already has some knowledge of, or a propensity for, a subject. "End-of-course" examinations may be a faster and easier route to obtaining credit than providing the information required to document "life learning experiences".

A course syllabus is provided for each end-of-course examination offered. A syllabus is typically six to eight pages long and will include the scope of learning required and an outline of specific topics covered by the examination. Textbooks will be referenced and a sample examination included along with a return card for scheduling the examination.

Examinations are administered by a proctor, someone appointed to supervise the examination. To be acceptable, the proctor must be affiliated with a testing center on a college campus or a military base. (On small military bases with minimal staff, the proctor may be either the base commander or the base education officer.) If you live far from a college testing center or military base, arrangements can be made for an ordained minister to act as proctor. Examinations are sent directly to the proctor who will administer the test and return it for grading.

Proctors are not difficult to find. A list of acceptable proctors is generally included with each course syllabus. College testing centers and military testing centers are accustomed to administering examinations to students enrolled in other colleges.

Alternate Sources of Credit

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F. Course Credit by Examination
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