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E. Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses are often the least expensive way to earn college credit. There is a vast selection of accredited correspondence courses available.

The National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA) used to publish a catalog of correspondence courses offered by accredited colleges and universities. The 'Independent Study Catalog' (ISBN 0-7689-0008-5) has been out of print since 02/07/07. The Independent Study Catalog is available at most libraries.

The American Council of Education (ACE) has made credit determinations for thousands of training courses offered by corporations, associations, labor unions, government agencies. Many colleges award credit according to ACE's credit determinations.

ACE's list can be found here.

Another resource to consider is the Degree Club.

Alternate Sources of Credit

A. Assessing Credit for Equivalent Learning Experience
B. Credit for Military Schooling
C. Credit for Professional Certifications and Licenses
D. Courses Sponsored by Business and Government
E. Correspondence Courses
F. Course Credit by Examination
G. Who Offers Course Credit by Examination?
H. Local Colleges and Universities
I. Courses Offered Over the Internet
J. Courses Offered by Video and Television
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